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Our rapidly growing Belorussian enterprise has been developing and manufacturing floatation systems for over 10 years. Thanks to our purifications systems you will be able to greatly cut your expenses when purifying coolant-cutting fluids and waste waters. Any ecologist would certainly vote in favor of our invention. Our purification systems adhere to all international standards and have very high energy efficiency. These systems are much more affordable than the European counterparts. The manufacturing of these systems takes place right in our company, so you can be sure that we are not reselling this product. The quality of our floatation systems is guaranteed by the patents issued by Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation.

  enterprise amount spendingsaving spending in times
1. Purchase of coolant or its components 10-20 times
2. purchase of cleaning solutions or components 10-20 times
3. Purchase of water from the municipal water intake 20 times
4. the cost of wastewater treatment plants operating 10-20 times
5. fluid discharge into the municipal sewage system 10-20 times
6. filters savings 10 times

Range of usage universal modular units for treatment of industrial process liquids and waste-water treatment

1. Metal-working, machine-building, machine-tool plants:

  1. for treatment of lubricating-cooling liquids and detergent solutions and further utilization of lubricating-cooling-liquid and detergent-solution waste
  2. for treatment of detergent solutions at car wash
  3. for waste-water treatment

2. Large motor transport bases, construction sites, in order to create closed water-supply cycle:

  1. at washing wheels and bodies of heavy-duty trucks and building machinery
  2. at washing vehicles
  3. at washing treatment facilities at motor transport bases

3. HEPs, oil and fuel storage tanks, fuel-oil boiler-house plants, treatment facilities of oil refineries:

  1. at washing vehicles and rail tankers
  2. at washing fuel-oil storage tanks, in order to increase the service life of detergent solutions 10 times and more
  3. to separate bottom waters of oil and fuel-oil storage tanks
floatation system

4. Aviation enterprises:

  1. at washing fuselages of airplanes and helicopters for multiple use of detergent solutions
  2. for waste-water treatment from lubricant-oil products at treatment facilities of air bases and airports

5. At accidents on products pipelines, due to pipe raptures and lubricant-oil products spillage, for purification of rivers, lakes and other water reservoirs:

  1. at washing products pipelines, in order to create closed water-supply cycle

6. Marine drilling units, water areas of ports:

  1. to remove lubricant-oil spillage from water surfaces, with simultaneous return of treated water to water reservoirs
  2. to remove oil spillage at oil leak

7. Sea and river vessels and barges:

  1. for purification of shipboard bilge waters
  2. at washing tanker bulges for multiple use of detergent solutions
Патент Республики Беларусь
Патент Российской Федерации

More detailed information on our floatation systems you can know by phone call +375 29 3058203

To be used at machine-building, metallurgic, oil-chemistry enterprises, dairy-and-meat industry, oil-and-fat plants, at car washes, at washing railway tankers and railway cars.
Capacity - from 0.5 to 25 m3/hour.
Price ranges from 5,000 to 60,000 conditional units (depending on capacity and completing units).